Make Tomorrow Today.

You believe that full automated AI is far fetched. That it will take years for your company to get it right.
Let Cleverchat make tomorrow today. With Cleverchat we help to create customer success and customer intimacy by bringing humans and AI together.
A little story.
Cleverchat has been created starting from a personal problem. We ran an online popup shop system where we witnessed that providing customer support via chat really helped in converting visitors into paying customers. However, providing that customer support was a tedious and time-consuming effort, as people had questions about the order, about their invoices,… We needed a system that helped us retrieve the information right the moment the customer was asking it.

But that was not everything: next to suggesting us the right information, we wanted to have a system that we could easily make smarter. A system we could train without holding a Phd. And more importantly, a system that could be trained without costing us time.

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What Cleverchat can do.

A personal assistant
Cleverchat is like a personal assistant for your customer support agents. Cleverchat providess them the right
answers in no-time!
Always learning
Cleverchat thrives on a very hungry machine learning system, and your support agents can feed it by providing new question topics and contexts, with
only a click on a button.
Multiple agents
Whether you work with 1 support agent or with multiple at the same time, Cleverchat can deliver the right info to the right person.
Customer Intimacy
Cleverchat is all about getting 1 step closer to your customer. Cleverchat helps the agent with recognizing existing clients, with understanding new clients’ wishes.
Quick Replies
Has your customer asked a question that is available in a FAQ ? Cleverchat will detect this and put the answer available to the support
Multiple channels
Do you currently use a chatbox solution like Intercom, Drift, Livechat … ? Or you use channels like Slack or Facebook Messenger ? Great,
we support all these chat channels.
Integrations available with following chat systems

Why Cleverchat ?

A chatbox or chatbot is nice, but…
Having suddenly a chatbox on your website is not the end, but just the beginning! Same when you start offering customer support by replying to messages on Facebook Messenger via a chatbot. Customer support is much more than just replying. It’s contextual replying with the right info. And Cleverchat is ready to help you on that!

Time is money
Time is money, quite literally in customer support. Nowadays customers want instant answers and they don’t like to wait. Imagine your customer is on his mobile, staring to the screen minutes and minutes just because your support agents don’t have the right answer in front of them ?

Focus on added value
Are you also convinced that every touchpoint with a customer is worth gold ? Converting an unhappy customer to a happy customer creates a loyal customer. Converting an undecided customer to a buying customer is value. Let your support people do upsells and cross-sells instead of searching for boring answers.

Read the case

Find out how Selecta (Pelican Rouge) Netherlands uses Cleverchat to grow their customer success.
Read the Case Study


Machine Learning
Machine learning at its best. Not to replace the human operator, but to help improve day-to-day operations
Fits in your interface
We created a separate app that you can run on Windows or Mac, close to the chat interface of your agent.
Cleverchat speaks english, french, german, spanish, portuguese, .. a real polyglot!
Data driven
Cleverchat will log and analyse every interaction, to provide you the best insights and analytics.
Create Annotations
You can increase the efficiency of Cleverchat yourself, applicing accurate topics and annotations
Fits your clients channel
Whether your clients are on a chatbox or a chatbot, we aggregate and you can serve them.

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