Client case – Selecta Netherlands

Arranging chat support

Imagine you are the owner of a succesful B2C webshop. People ordering day in day out. Great for business absolutely, but have you thought about the number of questions coming in when you have thousands of customers ? Let us tell you: they have quite a lot of questions. And for anyone who has ever put up a FAQ and thought it was going to be read: think again! So this was exactly the challenge for our client: how to support the growing B2C business without cannibalizing revenue because of growing customer support costs?

Analysis of the type of questions

Every Cleverchat project is for us a new discovery. We started with analysing the type of messages that were received by the customer support desk, and using smart datamining techniques we have created specific subsets of related questions. The different datasets were then processed and prepared in order to feed the NLP system (in this case IBM Watson). As we’ve seen in likewise environments (B2C webshops), 70% of the questions related to the status of the order.


Integration with the legacy systems

The Cleverchat promise is providing the right contextual information to the customer agent, at the right time. Therefore the Cleverchat platform is built with data-integration in mind, and we hooked up selected data systems that were residing at Selecta’s side to provide contextual data in a secure and intelligent way. Because of our bidirectional and real-time API, we don’t need to store any sensitive order or customer data at our side.

Integration with the chat channels

The last part of the integration was bringing the incoming chat channels in the game. Selecta chose independently for Intercom as an incoming chat channel, and also the activation of Facebook Messenger is planned during the coming quarter. The Cleverchat channel connected with the API interfaces of those systems and as from that moment we started to receive all questions of customers, being done on the different channels (website, mobile, …).

Bringing it all together

Every agent is now ready to make the most of the Cleverchat app running on their desktop. It notifies when new questions are coming in, but more importantly, the Cleverchat app automatically displays invoice, order data, and postal tracking data. Consumers are helped within a 70% shorter timeframe, as a result consumer satisfaction is higher and this shows in higher NPS scores (for confidentiality reasons no exact numbers can be provided).
As a final note, in a webshop story, adding chat support can seem like a trivial thing. It’s just adding a chatbox to the website and for this functionality multiple platforms exist, right? It is that moment you see your webshops number of visitors is ramping up that things get more complex. Either the type and variety of questions is getting more difficult to answer, or either the “we have had this question already like 100 times” syndrome appears and this creates fatigue at your customer support agents side. Getting the low hanging fruit sorted out quickly is a strong-arm tactic to keep the agents challenged and not wasting their times with low added value questions.