What is Cleverchat ?
Cleverchat is a platform that bridges many different chat systems (like Intercom, Drift, Chat service, Facebook Messenger) with your internal datasources. On top of that, it includes a Machine Learning module able to understand the chats that are being sent over, and therefore Cleverchat can help your customer support agents react faster and more accurate. We call this contextual chat information and it sets the Cleverchat solution apart from many SAAS tools in this space.
How do I start using Cleverchat ?
Cleverchat is not a typical SAAS platform where you sign up and do something. We first have an intake call with our clients to understand their environment, to set up the right datasources and align expectations. Potentially bespoke development is required to really maximize the efficiency of the solution.
Can I install this on my website ?
As we are the bridge between your website and your own proprietary datasources, we are running behind the scenes. If you are looking for a simple chatbox on your website and if you are happy with that, there are lots of different systems out there who can facilitate such basic functionality.
What's the difference with a platform like Intercom ?
The difference is the fact that we take Intercom two steps further: we put an AI (Artificial Intelligence) layer on top of those chats, powered by NLP and Machine Learning. And even more importantly, thanks to our integration framework, we can link with your existing datasources and show the right contextual “intelligent” data at the right time to your agents.
I heared about NLP, AI, etc... can you explain ?
The Cleverchat platform monitors every chat conversation and will feed it to the NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine that it uses. By applying Artificial Intelligence, Cleverchat can automatically answer most of the questions customers have. Cleverchat has also the functionality built in to gradually build this up.
Does it really work ?
We work with this system ourselves (for Ask Emma and Shopitag), and we have several live clients in different segments that use Cleverchat in their daily operations.
I have data in my ERP. You can make use of it ?
Yes, we link with your ERP system, as we have connections with all major ERP systems. Get in touch with us to discuss your project, and specific data situation.
Do you support multiple users ?
Multiple support agents can use Cleverchat at the same time, as all data is streamed in real-time to the Cleverchat interface.
Do you support multiple languages ?
The Cleverchat interface has support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.