What Cleverchat can do.

A personal assistant
Think as Cleverchat like a personal assistant for any of your customer support agents. Cleverchat is there to find the right
answers in no-time!
Always learning
Cleverchat thrives on machine learning, and your support agents can feed their assistant by providing new question topics and context, with
only a click on a button.
Multiple agents
Whether you work with 1 support agent or with multiple at the same time, Cleverchat can deliver the right info to the right person.
Feel Customer Sentiment
Cleverchat detects the sentiment of your customer, and can help your agent to react in a superior way.
Quick Replies
Have your customer ask a question that is available in a FAQ ? Support Buddy will detect this and put the answer available to the support
Multiple channels
You currently use a chatbox solution like Intercom, Drift, Livechat service… ? Or you use channels like Slack or Facebook Messenger ? Great,
we support all these chat channels.
Integrations available with following chat systems

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