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Make Tomorrow Today.
Customer support and customer retention made easier by bringing humans and A.I. together
Reduce Time
Customer Support a heavy burden on your business and people? Introduce chatbots that will make your and your agents life easier.
Ease your life
Many datasources. Many communication channels. Many customer touch points. Regulations... all covered by Cleverchat
Increase Efficiency
All relevant customer info from your own system and chatbots displayed to the user agent, in a handy overview.
What is Cleverchat?
Cleverchat is a personal assistant for your customer support and customer success team. It provides your people the right answers in no-time. But there's more!

Cleverchat can speak autonomously as a true bot with your customers, and it's always learning based on the conversations it has with your customers.

It integrates with your datasources and systems and makes your people literally smarter, in no time.
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When AI can benefit your customers and customer support team, we arrange one or more meetings to come to a proposal
Solution development
We integrate our solution based on your requirements, and in line with your time and budget expectations
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Our last NPS score
Before Cleverchat, we were handling Facebook Messenger chats manually in the Facebook interface. Looking back now, you can definitely say that was very courageous of us... like trying to win a race with the parking brake on.
N. De Wilde
GDW De Wilde & Baele
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